Date Rape Drug Test Coasters - Orange (1 Coaster / 2 Tests)

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Orange Colored Date Rape Coasters Detect GHB and Ketamine

These Orange colored coasters detect date rape drugs, including Ketamine and GHB. Each coaster has two test areas that provide instant and easy to read results from just a drop of liquid. If the test spot turns blue, you know your drink has been tainted. A pinkish tint means Ketamine, while a greenish tint indicates GHB. Keep these in your purse and take them with you wherever you go. With the ‘Dink Safe’ message right on top, you’ll keep yourself and your drink safe.

Date Rape Drug Test Coasters - Orange (1 Coaster / 2 Tests)

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    Best idea for safeguarding against drink spiking! Thank you Veronica Mars!

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Mar 2014

    These are just a gold mine! I live in Australia and ordered these so I could have a safeguard to carry with me at all times. Veronica Mars season 3 brought light to these brilliant coasters and it has been going viral ever since. I hope these save someone's life. Maybe they'll even save mine one day.

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