These testers give me my power back.

When I heard about the Drink Safe coaster, I thought, wow how cool! We can go back to being social. I live in Los Angeles and there are so many stories of women and friends who have been victims of the date rape drug, and up until now it has just gotten too scary to go out and meet anyone. These testers have just put the life back in the party. I can test my drinks all night and know that I’m being safe and the people I’m with and meeting are safe. These testers give me my power back. Up until now people putting the date rape drug in victims drinks have been hard to catch up with, and it will be interesting to see who wants to get caught in a crowded nightclub.

- Jennifer Pastorini

Now we have something to combat this crime.

My name is Tony Loneragan and I am the General Manager of the University of Canberra Union. We have been using the Drink Spike Detector since April 2003 on our busy Thursday nights and we are already seeing the results.

Just last week our security spotted two drinks left unattended. As there was some suspicion, the two were offered a chance to test their beverages prior to drinking them. Fortunately for them we did. The Drink Spike Detector came up with a positive result, and this lucky couple narrowly escaped getting spiked. The police were called and they took the drinks away for further forensic testing.

These inexpensive and easy kits will not stop spiking incidents but at least now we have something to combat this crime and ultimately drug facilitated sexual assault, making our Bar a safer place for our patrons.
Thanks Drink Safe Technologies.

- Tony Loneragan

I think this is amazing.

I was a victim of GHB drugging and I nearly died..I had no vital signs as well as suffered multiple seizures and after effects, I think this is amazing..I want to help in anyway possible..Volunteering..getting the message out..anything, as it has taken me 2 months to get over this ordeal...Thank-you so much!!!

- Kelly McCreight

I'm passing them out to all my friends.

Right on thank you so much for responding so promtly also. Not to mention thanks for just being associated with such an awesome product. All of us party girls thank you and appreciate you guys. I’m passing them out to all my friends as soon as they get here!!!

- Anonymous

I'm excited just to spread the word.

I heard an interview on the local radio station where I live about these coasters. I heard 7-11 stores would be selling them. Well I couldnt wait, I’m so glad I found your website. I’m excited just to spread the word. I’m in California and I have a friend in Hawaii spreading the word after hearing about it from me, also with chatting online I tell everyone. Thank you!!! I think companies like the makers of the alcohol or the establishments selling alcohol should definately start endorsing this invention. Thank you again!!!

- Jessica

A solution to a growing, life-threatening issue.

I was positively thrilled to hear about this invention. It’s seems like such a simple solution to a growing, life-threatening issue. Unfortunately, I had an experience a year ago, before this was available. It is something that I will never forget. It has made me very conscious and aware. That is a real problem: lack of consciousness about this issue.

I’m hoping that through your marketing, you’ll be able to reach out to everyone and make them realize how serious this is, before it happens to them. It happens so quickly and so easily that you’re just left reeling and wondering what happened.

I hope you’ll be directing your marketing to privately owned restaurants, clubs and bars, etc, as well as educational institutions. The danger is everywhere and not just the college set, as may be believed by many. I found that out the hard way. Please let me know if there’s something I can do on my part to help you to market and raise awareness.

I’d also like to thank you for making these afforable and not making them cost prohibitive.
With highest regards,

- Kristen Tshudy

I wish Drink Safe was around back then.

Dear Drink Safe Technologies,

I don’t know where to begin, but a million thanks are owed to your company, I will share with you a true story that I have told very few people, in it is the reality that no drink is safe unless it is prepared by the individual consuming it. About 11 years ago, I had a friend, we’ll call her Samantha who was dating a GUY we’ll call Kirk.

I met Samantha and we instantly clicked, she became such a good friend that she helped me get a job with her and her boyfriend, and it all seemed perfectly normal. I did not know during this time that Kirk had a secret crush on me, and that Samantha was well aware of it. One day Kirk and Samantha decided to get an apartment and move in together in the town we all grew up in, a small town on Long Island. I was quite flattered that Samantha invited me over for dinner the minute the stuff was unpacked, and I took her up on the offer.

I wasn’t even finished with my dinner when I started feeling very tired. I remember saying, I am sorry, I don’t know what’s come over me all of a sudden, I’m so tired, I think I’ll head home. It was then that Samantha and Kirk both shouted, NO! You shouldn’t drive when you’re so tired, it is just as bad a being drunk! And Samantha suggested I lie down in her bed until I was ready to return home safely. I woke up to Kirk just looking at me funny, like he was watching me sleep. It felt like I was only asleep for about a half hour, but when I asked him, Kirk confirmed that it had been three or so hours! That was when Kirk explained to me that SAMANTHA had put ruffies in my iced tea, to drug me up so that he could have me already, live the fantasy and get over it. Kirk

confided that he couldn’t do it, thank God. It was confirmed that I had NOT been raped, thanks to my guardian angels and a guy with some morals, but

what COULD have happened?

It scares me. And even though I was not raped, I was scarred for life, I am unable to form trusting friendships, and I am suspicious of anyone that tries to get inside my close circle of a few friends. I wish drink safe was around back then, it just goes to show you that the person you’d least expect, in the place you’d least expect, and even in the BEVERAGE you’d least expect, DANGER could be lurking.

- Doreen