Drink Safe Technologies Featured in Forbes Article

by Drink Safe on August 21, 2014

Drink Safe Technologies has been featured in a new Forbes article that talks about the subject of, can new technologies really help prevent date rape?

The article really is questioning whether these new date rape prevention technologies can really help prevent date rape. Drink Safe Technologies President Lance Norris was quoted in the article with a very good explanation of how Drink Safe Technologies is used by people all over to prevent date rape.

He explains how the statistics show people whose drinks are compromised have a 25% chance of being sexually assaulted. But the question that is posed in the article is, do these products even have the right approach for the issue? We’ll let you decide.

Drink Safe Technologies Featured in the Tampa Bay Times

by Drink Safe on August 21, 2014

Drink Safe Technologies has again been featured in another media outlet, the Tampa Bay Times.

The article talks about Below Deck Star Adrienne Gang, and how her drink was spiked. Adrienne Gang is using her celebrity status to promote the Drink Safe Technologies product. She’s been on a crusade and has a mission to let everybody know about the product, and to get people to use the test coasters to see whether their drinks have been spiked with this drug or not. To read more about this article that includes Drink Safe Technologies President, Lance Norris, and how he explains this inexpensive way to really be your first line of defense, click here for the article.

Drink Safe Technologies Date Rape Detection Coasters are Being Used in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Clubs

by Drink Safe on August 21, 2014

Drink Safe Technologies has made a positive name for several years, but none like what has happened over the past two years. In the video featured in this post, you can see firsthand an example of how the word is spreading about Drink Safe Technologies.

Drink Safe Technologies coasters detect substances such as GHP and ketamine, which are the two popular date rape drugs. The coasters are easy to use and are distributed at bars all over the country. It’s becoming more popular at nightlife scenes, and also on spring break.

Drink Safe Technologies as Features on the Today Show for Spring Break Safety

by Drink Safe on August 11, 2014

Drink Safe Technologies has been featured once again on the Today Show!

We want to give a thank you to the Safety Chick. The Drink Safe Technologies coasters were featured on the show, and the hosts talked about the benefits of being used while on spring break. Drink Safe Technologies has now been featured on the Today show three times, and each time, it is a bigger hit than the last.

Although the strip test and coasters are used for people on spring break, they are also used for people who are going out to the clubs, bars, or social gatherings.