About Us

Drink Safe Technologies, a leader in Date Rape Drug Detection is a Tallahassee Florida based company that is owned by Lance Norris. Drink Safe Technologies has created an innovative coaster and test strip that will detect Gamma Hydroxybutyrate (GHB) and Ketamine, the drug most commonly used to spike a drink for date rape purposes.

DST has been featured in many media outlets including the Today Show twice, Tampa Bay Times, and many other national and international outlets.

Drink Safe Technologies also has gained a long list of satisfied customers, and we have noted a few which you can see on our testimonial page.

We are also looking to expand our business with distributors, bloggers, podcasters, and other partners. To be considered, go to our Distributor page.

Drink Glass

What some happy customers say

"Right on thank you so much for responding so promtly also. Not to mention thanks for just being associated with such an awesome product. All of us party girls thank you and appreciate you guys. I’m passing them out to all my friends as soon as they get here!!!"

- Anonymous

"I heard an interview on the local radio station where I live about these coasters. I heard 7-11 stores would be selling them. Well I cou- ldnt wait, I’m so glad I found your website. I’m excited just to spread the word. I’m in Califo- rnia and I have a friend in Hawaii spreading the word after hearing about it from me, also with chatting online I tell everyone. Thank you! I think companies like the makers of the alcoh- ol or the establishments selling alcohol should definately start endorsing this invention. Thank you again!!!"

- Jessica

"I was a victim of GHB drugging and I nearly died..I had no vital signs as well as suffered multiple seizures and after effects, I think this is amazing..I want to help in anyway possible..Volunteering..getting the message out..anything, as it has taken me 2 months to get over this ordeal. Thank-you so much!!!"

- Kelly McCreight