Bill Cosby Meme Generator Backfires on Comedian

Posted by Verne Gray, Newsday on 11th Nov 2014

Bill Cosby's website hastily withdrew a "meme generator" after Internet users deployed it to recycle decade-old rape allegations against the comedian.The meme initiative quickly unraveled Monday after Cosby's twitter account sent out a photo along with a hashtag and link to a Web page where fans could make presumably humorous memes by adding text to other Cosby photos from over the years. Instead, users -- who numbered in the hundreds, according to some reports Tuesday -- descended on the page to post comments relating to the rape alleg … read more

Brown University Student Tests Positive For Date-Rape Drug Following Campus Fraternity Party

Posted by Peter Jacobs, Business Insider on 10th Nov 2014

A female Brown University studenttested positive for a common date-rape drug following a campus fraternity party last month, the Ivy League school announced in a campus-wide email this weekend.According to The Providence Journal, the student tested positive for GHB - gamma hydroxybutrate - after drinking punch at a party thrown by Brown's Phi Kappa Psi fraternity chapter. A second student has also been tested for the drug, and the results are currently pending."GHB is a colorless, odorless drug that can be hard to detect in a drink ... … read more