Time court got serious on rape: MILLROY

Posted by Doug Millroy, Sault Star on 15th Nov 2014

Last fall, in imposing a 90-day intermittent jail term on 57-year-old James Garrett for a sexual assault that occurred in 2010, Ontario Court Justice Melanie Dunn said while Garrett had led an exemplary life for more than 50 years and was at little to no risk to re-offend, this must be balanced with the act of non-consensual sex that occurred in the victim's home and the significant effect it had had on her. Dunn may have thought she had done a fine job of balancing things but neither Garrett nor the Crown did. Garrett appealed his con … read more

Whitewater police warn of date rape drug

Posted by Jesse Garza, Milwaukeee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel on 15th Nov 2014

Police and university officials in Whitewater are urging people to be cautious when accepting drinks from others and to not leave drinks unattended after charges were issued in connection with the so-called date rape drug.An arrest was recently made that led to a charge of possession of GHB, or Gamma Hydroxybutyrate, according to a news release from the Whitewater Police Department.According to the release, the drug is most often produced in a liquid form and can be mixed with many substances, including water, because it has no taste. … read more

Bill Cosby Meme Generator Backfires on Comedian

Posted by Verne Gray, Newsday on 11th Nov 2014

Bill Cosby's website hastily withdrew a "meme generator" after Internet users deployed it to recycle decade-old rape allegations against the comedian.The meme initiative quickly unraveled Monday after Cosby's twitter account sent out a photo along with a hashtag and link to a Web page where fans could make presumably humorous memes by adding text to other Cosby photos from over the years. Instead, users -- who numbered in the hundreds, according to some reports Tuesday -- descended on the page to post comments relating to the rape alleg … read more

Brown University Student Tests Positive For Date-Rape Drug Following Campus Fraternity Party

Posted by Peter Jacobs, Business Insider on 10th Nov 2014

A female Brown University studenttested positive for a common date-rape drug following a campus fraternity party last month, the Ivy League school announced in a campus-wide email this weekend.According to The Providence Journal, the student tested positive for GHB - gamma hydroxybutrate - after drinking punch at a party thrown by Brown's Phi Kappa Psi fraternity chapter. A second student has also been tested for the drug, and the results are currently pending."GHB is a colorless, odorless drug that can be hard to detect in a drink ... … read more