The Dangers of Date Rape and Dating Apps/Online Dating

The Dangers of Date Rape and Dating Apps/Online Dating

Posted by Drink Safe on 2nd Oct 2018

Dating apps have revolutionized dating and relationships. They may have also made it easier for offenders to find their victims. We are regularly seeing cases like these (here here here) reported. While data in the US is still scarce, the United Kingdom's National Crime Agency reports the following alarming numbers around online dating in England, which can provide a warning to those in the US:The victims in 85% of these offences were female, 15% were male.Communications of a sexual nature prior to the first meeting in person werereported in more th … read more

Bars Help Keep Patrons Safe with Date Rape Detection Coasters

31st Jul 2018

HMAC, a bar in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, is using date rape coasters to help its customers stay safe from drugs used in date rapes, such as GHB and Ketamine. As reported at Channel 8 (WGAL), the club's co-owner, John Traynor, offers these free to customers and helps get them police help if a test was to come back positive. Read more at