Has "Consent" Gone too Far? No. Simple Rules of Consent

Has "Consent" Gone too Far? No. Simple Rules of Consent

Posted by DrinkSafe on 22nd Mar 2019

Following the #MeToo movement, enforcement of “consent” has emerged everywhere from college campus, our elected officials, entertainers, and even Burning Man. Now, we sell date rape coasters here at DrinkSafe, detection kits for date rape drugs like GHB and Ketamine. There’s no grey line between consent and rape. However, we still feel it’s important for all to understand what consent means. It goes beyond sexuality and into hugging, touching, even exhibiting certain behaviors. So, let’s look at some good rules for consent.

Here is a good baseline for rules of consent:

  1. No means no, maybe means no, and only yes means yes.
  2. An inebriated person cannot give consent.
  3. There is no implied consent, not nudity, not dancing, not even having gotten so far in the act (second base doesn’t imply consent for third base)

Consent is a matter of mutual understanding and mutual respect. It’s a movement in the right direction, that will hopefully also result in people looking out for each other. And a reduction in date rape. But we can’t count on that. Always keep yourself safe and carry our date rape kits just to be sure.